Tuesday, January 17, 2012

BTS: JVS Lighting Workshop

Droolworthy.  That's the best way to describe all of Joseph's lighting equipment.  I took his speedlights workshop in 2010, so this time I was assisting him and his amazing wife, Anne, throughout the day.  He has a few different pieces now - new modifiers and a new Radio Popper system, and it was exciting to check out the new toys.  (I'm also contemplating ditching my Pocket Wizard Plus IIs for these Radio Poppers!)

I was impressed by the attendees of this particular class.  They picked up the lighting and settings quickly, and were more than ready to move the light stands and modifiers all around the studio to test out each piece of equipment during the hands-on portion of the workshop.  Joseph limits the number of students so each person has plenty of time to work with each modifier, and he walks the room to assist with any questions they may have and also give suggestions and recommendations for how to position the lights.  I've always believed that nothing beats hands-on experience.  I walked away from JVS's class in 2010 feeling confident about my lighting, and I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to feel the same confidence.  (Or, if anything, you get to check out his medium format Hasselblad. I may have considered grabbing and making a run for it a couple of times.)  ;)  The next workshop will be March 6th in DC at 52 O Street Studios.

Some BTS (behind the scenes) images:

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