Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Most Wonderful Husband Ever!

Two weekends ago, Chris surprised me with a mini weekend getaway in DC for our 5th Anniversary.  We live 35 miles from the nation's capital, and yet we rarely go there.  Maybe it's because we sit in that traffic while commuting to work every day.  Maybe it's because we were dragged there 53 times as kids with our parents when our relatives came into town and wanted to see the monuments.  Whatever the reason for staying away, I have to admit, I loved playing tourist for a couple of days.  I loved leaving work at home and just enjoying uninterrupted time with my husband, which is a rare commodity for us these days.  (Okay, I confess, I was emailing and working from my phone on our way into the city.  But, then I put it away for the rest of our time there!  Um, I promise!)

We scarfed down chili half smokes and cheese fries at Ben's Chili Bowl, dined at The Caucus Room on the best filet I've had since our honeymoon in Hawaii, rode atop an open double decker tour bus around the city, and had a filling fish & chips dinner and proper pints at Fado, one of the most authentic Irish pubs I've been to in DC. 

It felt so good to spend lots of quality time with the man who stands behind my dreams and choices 100%; who understands that I don't have time to cook dinner these days; who plucks my gray hairs as I sigh and groan about getting older; who always listens and is eager to hear what I have to say; who gives the best advice and encouragement; who helps me clean the house and sometimes does it all on his own when I'm too swamped to share in the responsibility; and who I know I could never live without!

So, thank you, Chris, for planning our mini-escape, and for being the most amazing husband ever!  I wouldn't be who I am and couldn't do what I do without you!

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Bringing the Value Back to Photography

Pilot Imaging put on an impressive seminar Wednesday at VisArts in Rockville, MD.  After making everyone stand up and dance to YMCA, Doug Gordon kicked off the morning with a presentation about dreams, passion and courage, during which he dared us all to be great at what we do.  He finished with an energetic demonstration of his flow posing technique.  The speed and efficiency in which he's able to work is astounding!

Following a short break (during which I grabbed a satisfying snickers bar as a healthy dessert to my twix breakfast - darn you, Pilot, for providing a table overflowing w/ snacks all day!), Vanessa Joy and Rob Adams presented PhVusion.  If you haven't checked out this software, it's a must see!  Rob is providing an easy way for photographers to fuse video and photography in this day's age of VDSLRs.  He and Vanessa demo'd a Living Album that blew me away, and I'm excited to incorporate this into my business in the future!

Clay Blackmore energized the after-lunch session with his new promo videos and discussion on lighting and posing.  I've said this before, but he is a master at his craft, and I'm amazed every single time I watch him work. 

Robert Isacson introduced and was one of the guest speakers during the roundtable discussion that closed out the evening.  Photographers from a wide range of experience levels asked questions and shared opinions on the current state of the photography industry and possible ways to bring value back to photography through pricing structures and educating our clients, among other topics.

It was wonderful being in the presence of some industry greats and so much talent.  A big thanks goes to Pilot Imaging for many long hours spent in putting this program together!

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Friday, May 7, 2010

The Scheuring Family

On top of being a full time mom of two and managing the household responsibilities, Kelly recently took on a part time staff position as Women's Ministry Intern at Centreville Baptist Church, the church where she and her husband Frank met and later married. Her beautiful voice contributes to the sweet sounds of the church choir on Sunday mornings, as well as CBC community events.

Frank is a Senior Mixer and Sound Designer at MVI Post. He has been responsible for the recording, editing and mixing of many popular and well-loved documentaries and programs, to include the Emmy Award winning "Planet Earth" series and the Emmy Award winning reality program "Dog Whisperer." His clients include The National Geographic Channel, the various Discovery Networks, PBS, Fox, and more.

I was super excited when Kelly wanted to do a family photo session. Having been several years since their last one, I didn't want any more time to pass before documenting this wonderful and extremely talented family. So we planned around busy work schedules and kid's activities, finding an afternoon to take a break from daily tasks and responsibilities and enjoy the beautiful outdoors!

Are Audrey and Dylan not the most adorable kids ever?!

Kelly, I could photograph your beautiful self ALL day long!

What a good lookin' bunch!!

Aren't these two just so dang cute?!

Kelly and Frank, thank you for a fun afternoon w/ your family!!  I loved spending time with you and the kids! Pin It