Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mystic Seminars 2012

I was looking for something a little different this year, and I found it.  My friend Kristi Odom had been telling me about Mystic Seminars since last year.  I was on the WPPI train again for 2012, but last month I stopped in my tracks.  I've gone to WPPI for the past two years, and while my time there was invaluable, I wanted an experience where I didn't feel lost in a sea of humanity.  Mystic was perfect - it was intimate, and we all felt like we were valued and taken care of.  And by taken care of I really mean spoiled.  As in, an amazing buffet lunch provided every day; assorted coffee, teas, sodas and water throughout the day; tons of candy at the info table (I'm pretty sure I ate more than around Halloween), and rows of tables in the seminar room to place our drinks on and take notes while we sat and listened to the amazing line-up of speakers.

I look to constantly push my photography further, and it was incredible listening to and being inspired by some true artists in the industry.  Joe Buissink brought me to tears on day one.  His passion for what he does is tangible, a presence in the room when he talks.  I discovered Michael Greenberg, whose lighting techniques with just one or two speed lights are brilliant.  And listening to my dear friend Jacklyn Greenberg speak was beautiful and powerful.  Two people who blow my mind?  Dave and Quin Cheung of DQ Studios.  Their work - simply put - ROCKS!  If you haven't checked them out you neeeeed to!  They will change the way you think about lighting and creating your own light.  Quin is such a master at throwing shadows and creating captivating images.  And, okay, I admit to having a girl crush on her.  She's completely sweet, 100 percent genuine, and I told her I want her to take me shopping.  Ben and Erin Chrisman were also one of my favorites; their images are so "fearless."

Mystic was the perfect start to a new year, to get me thinking about changes I want to make in my business and how I want to push my work forward.  And let's face it, where else can you have Melissa and Jerry Ghionis photo bomb a picture with you and your girlfriends while chatting with Jacklyn Greenberg and listening to Becker sing karaoke while Susan Stripling captures it on camera with the Chrismans hanging out and having a drink.......ALL IN THE SAME ROOM?!

Photo of me and my girl crush, errrrr, Quin Cheung...

Quin and Dave rockin' it out during their talk...

Photo bomb pic of the roommies taken with Mark Crosby's camera (of Zofia Photography).

My roommate, Lisa Boggs, and I were so inspired by these speakers and their use of speed lights and off camera flash work that we went out one night and had some fun on our own.  Get ready for another blog post on that next week!

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