Tuesday, August 31, 2010

JVS Speedlites Workshop

Flash.  Off-camera lighting.  I love learning about these aspects of photography.  I feel like anyone can pick up a camera and learn the mechanics of ISO, shutter speed and aperture in relation to ambient light.  But introduce off camera flash and modifiers and I turn into a head-spinning cartoon character.  Zack Arias' OneLight workshop gave me the foundation of lighting knowledge (can you say "Inverse-square law?"), but the JVS Speedlites Workshop slowed the head-spinning and allowed me to work on fine-tuning my skills and knowledge.

Joseph showing us how to use the Bruce Dorn Strip Bank...

...the beauty dish...

It's incredibly liberating to create your own light, rather than having to find it. All of these images were SOOC.  Camera settings:  200iso, 200 shutter, 4.0 to 5.0 aperture.

Jen Lowe was my fabulous lighting partner and subject.  Practicing using an umbrella as a reflector...

Jill Myers, working it for the camera!  Beauty dish...

Shoot-through umbrella...

Holy.  Smokes.  The first time I've seen a parabolic umbrella in real life!  (As opposed to head-spinning cartoon life, naturally.)

Speedlite with grid (I love this dramatic lighting!)...

A huge thanks to Love Life Images for hosting the workshop in their amazing Savage, MD studio! Pin It


  1. Laurie awesome work. Is that joe and mary?

  2. Laurie, I love your blog and your photos are outstanding! :-) You're so good at what you do! XOXO

  3. so jealous you were able to attend this workshop. the shots and write-up are fantastic! and you got to meet jen, yay! love her.

  4. I love you images! I had so much fun at the JVS workshop out in my area.

  5. So very cool! Looks like a great workshop!

  6. Excellent! Those massive indoor group shots will be no problem now, right? :D

    The "strobist" world is addictive and EXPENSIVE! Be careful!

    Happy shooting!

  7. Really excited now! Can't wait for this workshop!


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