Wednesday, January 18, 2012

OCF Fun In Mystic, Connecticut!

Home to Mystic Pizza, the town's claim to fame, and the awesome Mystic Seminars (from which I recently returned), this town is quaint and full of charm - even at night, when we could barely see much of it!  Lisa Boggs was my super fun travel companion and roommie as we drove from VA to CT.  She was Navigator and DJ as I drove, and we belted out tunes in the car like karaoke was our full time job.  (Lucky for the people in my life, it isn't mine!)  We whipped out our cell phones for photo ops along the way, and ran like crazy people to the top of a ridge at a rest stop for a sunset photo in New Jersey.  The tractor trailer drivers surely were amused.

On the evening after seeing DQ Studios (Dave and Quin are seriously awesome!) speak, we were inspired by their use of OCF and decided to have a little fun in town after dinner!

After moving our speedlights around a bit and adjusting flash and camera settings, I took this photo of Lisa down by the water.  (Speedlight placed on the deck far down to the right to illuminate the side of the ship.  Hand holding a speedlight in my left hand as I take the photo.)

 1/200s; f/3.5; ISO 320

We found this industrial stairwell, pitch dark, and played around a lot to see what we could do in the space.  (Speedlight on a shelf to the right; another speedlight behind me for some separation.)

1/80s; f/2.8; ISO 400

I love the look of OCF and can't wait to play more! Pin It

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  1. aaaaaaaaaah, I love this post! I loved being your companion on our trip! it was an incredible time and i'm so glad we got to do some fun OCF. we must do it again very soon! love you gal!


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