Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Old Town Alexandria Engagement Session: Julie + Brandon

I asked her how she found me, and she said she had been following my work for a while and knew she wanted to hire me as soon as she got engaged.  And that right there is when I became smitten with Julie.  It's a photographer's dream to hear those words.  As for Brandon, well, he became smitten with Julie the first time he laid eyes on her.

Out playing pool with his roommate and roommate's cousin, the latter two were betting they could spot the other person's "type" if they saw them.  While this discussion took place, Julie, who wasn't even in the mood to go out that night but was eventually convinced otherwise, walked in with a friend.  Brandon stepped over to his roommate and his cousin, stating, "I can tell you exactly what my type is.  She just walked in the door."  Playing wingman, the cousin invited Julie and her friend over to play pool with them.

Julie didn't think much of it all night.  She actually thought Brandon's roommate was interested in her friend.  She didn't realize Brandon was actually interested in her.  And Brandon, almost forgetting to ask Julie for her number, ran out to the parking lot at the end of the night to catch up with Julie and suggest maybe they could go out some time.

The third time's the charm, as they say.  It wasn't until date #3 that Julie became interested in Brandon as more than just a friend.  It was their first "real date" where Brandon dressed up and they went out to a nice dinner.  He treated her like a lady, being a gentleman and opening doors for her.  He was unlike the guys she had dated before, and she knew he was a keeper.

Julie is a photographer herself, and it can be a little nerve-wracking photographing a peer.  But being around the two of them and enjoying getting to know them helped to ease my nerves.  They were fun and sweet, not only to each other, but to me as well.

Julie and Brandon, I'm so excited for your wedding at Bluemont Vineyard in September!  Until then, STAY GOLD!  ;)

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Baltimore Engineer's Club Wedding: Kimberly + Steve

It's their home.  Or, it used to be.  But they still have a fondness for Baltimore and all of its memories and charm, and in their hearts they still feel at home there.  The apartment building where Steve picked up Kimberly for their first date is about 7 blocks away from the Engineer's Club, and they spent many date nights down at Fells Point.  And with the Engineer's Club being steeped in history, and Steve being a huge history buff, this was the perfect venue for their special day.  

Kimberly got ready in a quiet calm as her sweet bridesmaids gushed over how amazing she looked.  And that calm exterior remained until she saw Steve for the first time.  They opted for a first look, which I love, so they could have plenty of time for portraits before the ceremony.  And during this intimate moment shared just between the two of them, Kimberly's calmness broke into soft tears of joy and happiness at seeing her groom for the first time.  And in a way that only he could, Steve comforted her and loved her.  And it was this way throughout the rest of the day - the exchanges between them were a language of their own love for each other.

Kimberly's beautiful bouquet was comprised of white roses and peonies, and she chose these classy Stuart Weitzman heels for her wedding shoes.  

Looking stunning in her Modern Trousseau gown...

And the portraits - we had plenty of time to walk around outside for some wonderful photos, not having to rush and get them done during cocktail hour.  It made for a truly enjoyable session!

Kimberly found these milk glass vases and bought several of them in different shapes and sizes.  She asked Fleur de Lis to create different arrangements for each - whatever she thought suited the vases best, and she ended up with some unique and beautiful arrangements to place throughout the cocktail and dinner tables.

I love this glance Kimberly's father stole just as they reached the chuppah.

As Kimberly read her vows and became choked up with tears, Steve placed a comforting hand on her cheek...

I loved these fun chocolates Kimberly made for their guests!

Congratulations Kimberly and Steve!  Thank you for allowing me to be a party of your beautiful and special day!

2nd photographer: Becca Watkins
Venue: Baltimore Engineer's Club
Florist: Fleur de Lis
Hair and Makeup: Belle Soeur
Cake: Baltimore Cakery
Ceremony Music: Classical guitarist Peter Fields
Reception Band: Right Foot Red

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blackthorne Inn Wedding: Christine + Shaun

The first time we talked on the phone we fell into easy conversation, and I instantly felt like Christine was an old friend.  I was amazed by how much we had in common.  She's a graphic designer, which I used to do in my former day job.  And when she told me she would be designing a lot of the elements of her wedding by herself, I got really excited.  I love seeing that extra personal touch on a wedding day.  And this day?  Well, it was full of personal touches and meaningful elements, right down to the venue they chose for their ceremony and reception.

Out on a drive in the countryside one day, Christine and Shaun happened upon Blackthorne Inn, which is owned by an Irish family.  It couldn't have been a more perfect setting for the pair, who have Irish blood running through their veins.   The mix of an Irish Inn atmosphere set in the countryside was the jumping off point for all of Christine's planning.  Her color scheme of navy, green and white paved the way for a country preppy DIY wedding.  

Christine and all of her sweet and fun girls got ready upstairs at the Inn.  She wore her Red Sox robe as a reminder of when she and Shaun met - at a Nationals vs. Red Sox game in DC.  

Ahhh, Christine, you are stunning!!

Their ceremony music was performed by Celtic Music for Weddings.  It added a beautiful sound as it carried softly through the country air.

Shaun's mom and Christine's mom...

Shaun and Christine incorporated the Celtic tradition of a handfasting ribbon into their ceremony (otherwise known as..."Tying the Knot"!).  She even made her own.

Christine's custom invitations...

"Find your table and grab a drink!"

Bride's drink: Sam Adams Summer Ale
Groom's drink: Miller Lite

This cigar bar is in honor of Christine's dad.  The smell reminds her of her dad enjoying a cigar outside on a cool night when she was younger, and she wanted to show a small thank you to the man she admires, loves and who has taught her so much.

Guests signed these jerseys as a "guest book."  Red Sox for Christine; Nationals for Shaun.

A father's love...

Christine's brother was her Honor Attendant.  He was fortunate enough to take a short leave of absence from the Navy in order to be in his sister's wedding, and it couldn't have meant more to her.

Shaun's sister was his Honor Attendant, and she crafted a sweet and hilarious marriage song for her brother and new sister-in-law.

Ohhhh....these desserts!!  In lieu of a traditional wedding cake, these two opted for a dessert bar that had guests ready to dive right in!

This being a small world, Shaun actually went to my high school!  We didn't know each other, but his name was familiar as I talked with Christine that first time on the phone.  So this wedding was extra fun because there was a bit of a mini-reunion from our old school!  I had such a great time chatting with guests and former classmates, and capturing them having a blast on the dance floor.

Christine and Shaun, I can't express how amazing it was to be a part of your day.  You two are the sweetest, kindest, and most fun-loving couple I know.  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to capture such special memories!!  xoxo...

2nd photographer: Kea Dupree Alfred
Venue: Blackthorne Inn
Florist: MelleFleur
Hair and Makeup: Belle Soeur
Ceremony Music: Celtic Music for Weddings
DJ: Musical DJs
Dessert Bar: Market Salamander

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