Thursday, March 24, 2011

Enchanted Atelier {Sneak Peek}

Here is a sneak peek of the Enchanted Atelier look book photo shoot from this past weekend.  I can't wait to blog the rest later in April!!!

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Enchanted Atelier, Couture Accessories

Last October I collaborated with Liv Hart, owner of Enchanted Atelier, to shoot the images for her Fall Accessories Look Book for NYC's Couture Bridal Market.  Her pieces are simply exquisite and I loved every minute of working with her and photographing her fabulous designs.

I'm excited to say that on Sunday we will be working together again - for her Fall Look Book - and we will have all 50 pieces from her Spring collection to shoot!  This morning Liv and I ventured into Georgetown's Hitched Bridal Salon, where the owners have generously allowed us to borrow a few of their couture gowns for our beautiful model, Danielle Fillmore.  I'm excited for everything to come together on Sunday, and I can't wait to share the images with you down the road!

Here are some photos from last Fall's shoot, with model Jaime...

This image was recently featured on

And one of my favorites from our shoot....

A HUGE "Thank You" goes out to the following:
Hair Stylist: Aleksandra Ulanowicz
Makeup provided by:  Fresh
Locations:  Georgetown University & St. Regis Hotel, DC
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Moshe Zusman Lighting Demo

Last night Moshe Zusman hosted a lighting demo for 30 photographers at his new (and beautiful!) studio in DC.  What I love about Moshe is his eagerness to share his knowledge openly.  When I talked with him a couple months ago about lighting up a reception venue, he generously offered me one-on-one time so he could explain his techniques, camera settings and equipment.  We sat in his office, looking over his images, and he was an open book.  I then implemented some of the setup at my next wedding, and was extremely pleased with the results!  Last night he not only explained the technical side to all of us, but also gave a live model demo to drive home his points.

I'm excited to share that Moshe will be hosting a workshop in the near future!  A lot of workshops tend to cover only one subject area, but Moshe will break the business down into 3 modules:  Business, Technical and Legal.  You can take just the one you're interested in, or you can take all three.  If you're interested in learning from someone who has built up an incredibly successful business in just a few short years, go here to register for a spot in his workshop!

Moshe - thank you, as always, for your generosity and kindness!

Scott, Moshe and Noah.... (What you can't see here is my Apple envy!)

The main level of Moshe's studio:

Chris Bruno, setting up to shoot some video:

Moshe explaining the setup:

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Celebrate Good Times!

This morning the sun shone a little brighter and my coffee tasted a little sweeter.  Why?  Yesterday was the last day of my day job - a place I had dedicated myself to for almost ten and a half years.  Maybe it's because I knew the atmosphere when we were a small business.  We were family style dinner at Olive Garden.  But we had evolved into power lunch at Tyson's Tower Club.  I'm not saying that's a bad thing, mind you, but the culture became very different (and not in a good way), even if the company doesn't recognize it.

So I decided it was time.  Time to make a move.  Time to move on to bigger and better things.  Time to pursue my passion and do something that would make me happy.  I have been in love with photography for a long time, and now I'm able to pursue my love with all my heart, each and every day.  How lucky am I?!  (I feel like Dr. Gupta in "Last Holiday"......."Hi, I quit my day job!  Hi.  I quit my day job!....")

This is the day to clink glasses, cheers, and smile.  To celebrate my first day as a full time professional photographer!  I'm so excited to see what the year will bring!

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