Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Decatur House Wedding: Megan + Tim

I recently had the incredible privilege of shooting alongside Matt Mendelsohn, one of our area's top wedding photographers with an impressive background and photojournalism resume.  (And can I be a complete dork and tell you how giddy I am to see one of my images on the main post in his blog, with a few others making it into the mini gallery?!)  Later that week I went to his studio where we went through the images and Matt was an open book about how he works and what he looks to capture in each scene.  Matt, thank you for being so generous and kind, and thank you for having me along to shoot Megan and Tim's wedding with you!

I started with Tim and the guys at the Sofitel in DC.

Ceremony at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Georgetown...

Reception at Decatur House on Lafayette Square...

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Georgetown Engagement Session Sneak Peek: Rachel + Lane

Hotness from last night's engagement session!  Can't wait to blog the rest!!!

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day, And My First Fancy Camera

He gave me my first camera.  Well, several cameras really.  The usual kinds parents buy for their kids for birthdays and Christmases.  My first was a 110 film, and when I graduated to the 35mm point and shoot I felt I had hit the big time.  But I didn't know big time until I went to college, and my dad gifted me all of his equipment after I signed up for my first photography class.  I had often envied his Nikormat EL with its assortment of lenses, teleconverters and filters.  It all seemed so fancy.

My first day of my first photo class I couldn't wait to start taking pictures - never mind the fact I didn't understand ISO or aperture or shutter speed.  It was painful to let the camera sit silent as we read through our Intro to Photography book for the first few classes.  By the end of my 4th year I had burned through endless rolls of Kodak T-MAX 400 and spent countless hours in the dark room, watching the photo paper magically develop in front of my eyes.  Nothing was as satisfying as returning to the drying rack and heat pressing the dried prints.  Even though digital cameras have made developing less tactile, there's still nothing that compares to hearing the click of the shutter, capturing a moment in time, and seeing the final image on screen and, finally, in print.

Thank you, Dad, for introducing me to the world of photography and giving me my first fancy camera.  I would not be where I am today without you!  Happy Father's Day - I love you!

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Wounded Soldier Surprises His Wife With A Wedding

When Karen of RSVP Events contacted me and asked if I would be willing to volunteer my services as Jude and Kristine's wedding photographer, I answered her question with an immediate and resounding "Yes!"  It wasn't about the publicity or the media attention surrounding the event.  It was, for me, a very small way to give back to a soldier who has sacrificed so much for our country.  

While deployed in Iraq in 2006, SGT Jude Recendez lost his legs after an IED struck his vehicle.  (You can read about his story HERE.)  When he returned to the United States, he spent 11 months in treatment at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.  He and Kristine, who have now been together for 11 years, had tried to plan their dream wedding while still living in California.  But because of Jude's recovery and becoming busy with life in general, their plans for a dream wedding never materialized.  So a couple of years ago they took a trip to the courthouse and and were married by a Justice of the Peace.  

A few months ago, Jude learned that he would receive a specially adapted home through Homes For Our Troops, a non-profit organization committed to helping those who have selflessly given to our country.  Recipients are allowed to request celebrities or other guests for a special appearance during the Key Ceremony, but Jude's request was to surprise his wife with the wedding they never had.  So this past Saturday, Jude and Kristine renewed their vows on the front lawn of their new home.

Jude and Kristine's escorts to their new home...

I would also like to say a special "Thank You!" to Stacey of Your Life Photography.  When I was searching for a 2nd photographer, Stacey's enthusiasm over this event was overwhelming, and I knew without question that I wanted her to shoot alongside me.  A few of the images in this post are hers....

Many special speakers were present during the Key Ceremony, among them SMA Chandler.

Jude and Kristine get to see their finished home for the first time...

As they were taken on a tour of their new home, Kristine had no idea that her wedding dress was hanging in their master bedroom, and that Jude would surprise her with a proposal as soon as they entered the room.

Jude had practiced getting down on one knee with his prosthetic legs.  At first Kristine thought he was falling, but once she realized what was happening she broke out into tears.

Hair and make-up stylists were waiting in the master bathroom, quickly getting Kristine ready after Jude's proposal.  Karen and her team were busy outside, flipping the tent and garage into a reception area!

The Old Guard made a special appearance for the Arch of Sabres.

Many thanks to Amanda of Anthomatic Florals for providing the flowers (in Kristine's favorite color yellow) for the wedding.

During his speech, Kristine's father remarked that he used to worry about Kris and Jude out here on the east coast while he was still living in California.  But he feels he can now rest easy thanks to the new home provided by Homes For Our Troops.

Dear Jude and Kristine - Words cannot express the honor and gratitude I feel in getting to share your special day with you.  The love you have for each other is evident in your hugs, your smiles, and the way you look after each other.  Jude, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your selfless service to our country, and Kristine, thank you for supporting our country as the wife of a Soldier.

Read more about the event and wedding HERE and watch the Channel 9 news coverage HERE!
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Friday, June 10, 2011

Georgetown Engagement Session: Nicole + Kelly

She looked at his profile online.  He saw that she had looked, thought she was cute, and messaged her.  For the next month and a half they corresponded over phone and email, Nicole living in Brooklyn and Kelly in Maryland.  They tried to meet up on more than one occasion, but the Snowmageddon of 2009 thwarted their efforts and turned plan A into plan B.

Finally, on New Year's Eve, Nicole was able to make the trip down to visit Kelly.  It was their first date, and Kelly had plans for a nice dinner and then a party to ring in the new year at his friend's house.  But because Nicole arrived in town late and still needed to get ready, that nice dinner turned into a quick Subway grub while seated at Kelly's friend's dining table, the party happening all around them.  And while they ate, Nicole was silently deciding whether or not Kelly deserved a kiss at midnight.  Even though this was not the wining and dining Kelly envisioned their first date to be, he felt that if Nicole was okay with a "Plan C" Subway dinner on their first date, then she might just be the one.

Well...Kelly got his kiss at midnight.  And not long after that...Nicole got her ring.

We had an amazing engagement session in Georgetown.  The heat and humidity was crazy, but the light was just gorgeous and these two completely rocked it out!


One thing I absolutely loved about Nicole is that I would start explaining what pose I wanted her in, and all of the sudden she would strike a pose that much better than what I had envisioned!  Nicole, I seriously want to bring you on EVERY engagement session from now on!

I think we picked the busiest bridge over the canal for this part of the shoot.  We only had a few seconds for each shot while people kept walking across from both directions!

Nicole and Kelly, I had SO much fun with you during your session, and I'm so excited for your wedding at the City Club in October!  Loves.....
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