Wednesday, October 19, 2011

One Of Those Days...

Ever have one of those days?  The ones where you can't seem to get anything right?  Where you leave the house for a couple of errands, only to discover while you're driving that you left something at home for one of them?  Where you have so much to do that your head seems to spin?  Where you can't seem to answer emails fast enough?  Or process images fast enough?  Where you can't seem to keep your cat from digging shredded paper out of the shredder bin?  Where you're so stressed that you get irritated with your husband when he calls and sweetly asks you what you'd like for him to pick up for dinner?  Yeah...that's me today.  And on these days, I know that if I don't laugh, I'll cry.  So here are a couple images of me, taken by my friend Maria Vicencio at a recent wedding.

I tend to hate photos of myself - I make a lot of weird faces.  This is why I'm behind the camera.  This one I don't mind so much...

This was after I caught her taking pics of me...

Happy Wednesday, and remember to find humor in life, even on those days! Pin It


  1. hope coming days are less crazy for you! : )

  2. Look on the bright side - even if you are having one of those days, you are still loved, talented and gorgeous!

  3. Laurie, It's Michelle G from NSHS, can't stop looking at your blog! I love photography and have considered going back to school to learn more. Your photos are so beautiful, what a talent you have!

  4. Hi Michelle! Thanks for popping over to my blog and your sweet comments! xoxo...


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