Thursday, October 20, 2011

New York Bridal Market Part 1: Enchanted Atelier & Aruna Seth

I recently returned from New York Bridal Market, where I was invited by Liv of Enchanted Atelier to spend some time at her suite and also attend the Martha Stewart Weddings event.  I've had the honor of shooting Liv's last 3 look books and it was wonderful to see one of the culminating events of her hard work.  Bridal Market is where Buyers and Press come to see her following season's collection for the first time.  She had so many fabulous pieces to showcase and I loved seeing them all on display.  I also had fun trying a few's so hard to resist!

Jennifer Charles of Something Fabulous did a wonderful job designing and installing Liv's suite.

I absolutely adored Maud, whose family owns famed French lace house Sophie Hallette.  They provided Liv with the lace for a new line in her collection.

Liv shared a suite with Aruna Seth, a UK-based designer who creates beautiful Italian handcrafted luxury designer shoes.  Her incredible heels have been worn many celebrities.  I loved getting to finally meet Aruna after using her shoes in our look book shoot for the past two seasons.  

(Here's Aruna on the left, and Nia on the right.)

Her famous bridal butterfly heels...

I loved getting to experience Bridal Market.  And tomorrow I'll be blogging Part 2 - the Martha Stewart Weddings Event, including a behind the scenes look at Martha Stewart's headquarters! Pin It


  1. I love those butterfly shoes! Can I wear them even though I'm not walking down the isle? ;)

  2. Grace, you can wear them anywhere! :)

  3. Loved the blog post, thanks for sharing!
    - Jennifer


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