Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why The Angels Sang

Okay, so maybe that was me singing...when my iPhone 4S arrived at my front door!

Why?  Well aside from the obvious reasons of its awesomeness, a huge part was the frustration over the slow death of my first generation Droid.  I exercised daily patience while it went haywire and took on a mind of its own like a bad Sci-Fi movie.  It selected applications and performed Google searches without me even touching the keypad, and it seemed to favor the letter 'q.'  The letter 'a', on the other hand, was apparently exiled.  If it weren't for autocorrect, my text messages would have been deprived of an important vowel.

I plan on celebrating my new iPhone by chucking my old Droid out the window of a car at a solid 65 mph.  I know I will savor the moment.

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