Thursday, November 25, 2010

Things I'm Thankful For

I've been trying to make a mental note all week of the things I'm thankful for - so I could blog it today - but I've been so busy I apparently haven't been able to remember it all.  But here are some highlights.  I'm thankful for:

- Sticky notes and note pads.  To help me remember things, clearly.
- Stretchy jeans.  For that second helping of pecan bars after Thanksgiving dinner.
- My friends.  Who I can't devote much time to but love me anyway.
- My husband.  Who has to put up with my stress day after day, and somehow still loves me.  Also, he bakes me chocolate chip cookies.
- My MacBook Pro.  So I don't have to sit on the broken, backless chair at my desktop computer all day and night.
- Restaurants, etc.  Otherwise, I may never get to eat during the day.  And the fact that they don't close during odd lunch and dinner times, like in Europe, where I was pretty sure I was going to starve at one point during our trip in 2008.

So here's to a wonderful Thanksgiving, with lots of turkey.  And pecan bars. Pin It

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