Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Engagement: Maria + Jeremy

She's from Nicaragua.  He's from Okinawa.  But from oceans and countries apart, they found each other here in Virginia.  It was an office romance.  Jeremy thought she was cute, but too quiet as she worked at her desk day after day.  And after several days he couldn't wait any longer and had to talk to her.  And I don't blame him.  If he hadn't snatched up this beautiful girl, then surely someone else would have!  Throughout their years of dating, they knew they were meant to be together, but were in no hurry to get married.

Then one evening, as they were getting ready for bed, Jeremy, wearing his favorite pajamas, kneeled down silently on one knee outside the bathroom door as Maria finished brushing her teeth.  On a quiet night thousands of miles from their home towns, Jeremy proposed to the love of his life.  Suddenly the world was not such a big place, and vast oceans were overshadowed by the enormity of their love for each other.

Jeremy researched and picked out the location for their session at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens.  Kudos to him for finding such a beautiful place to shoot!

Maria, you are absolutely divine!

The pagoda couldn't have been more befitting given Jeremy's ancestry....

Hellooooooo handsome!!

Maria and Jeremy, thank you for allowing me the honor of documenting this special time in your lives. It was an absolute pleasure spending time with you both and getting to know you! I wish you the best of luck as you continue planning for your beach wedding in the Outer Banks next year!  Much love, Laurie. Pin It


  1. These are so fantastic Laurie! LOVING all those fall colors! Amazing images!

  2. These are amazing pictures. They are a beautiful couple and the background and poises are fantastic. Thank you for taking such great pictures. father of the groom to be.

  3. Thanks Megan!

    Thank you so much Mr. Lewis! Jeremy is such a gentleman, and he and Maria make quite the good-looking couple!

  4. There's nothing more beautiful on a person than a heart full of love. Great pictures!!

  5. Mary & Jeremy: You look so right for each other... God bless you both.
    Laurie: You made an amazing job.
    Saviera (Mary´s friend from Nicaragua)...


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