Monday, February 8, 2010

Last Tuesday was my birthday, and I feel like it's been a week full of happiness and excitement!  My sweet friend took a day off work in order to treat me to lunch and lavish me with gifts, then my dear hubby drove us through the middle of a mini snowstorm to take me out for a birthday dinner. 

Friday was supposed to be girls' night (and come to find out a surprise b-day celebration for another friend and me), but was postponed due to an epic snowstorm of at least 26 inches in one day.  We lost power for about 20 hours due to a blown transformer at the front of our neighborhood, and had to snuggle under big blankets next to our fireplace while the temperature in our house dropped to 50 degrees.  (While this seems romantic, chattering teeth and numb extremities are not!)  Food from the refrigerator was placed in bags and put out in the garage, and the items from our freezer were tossed in large trash bags and buried in the snow to keep from perishing.  Oh, and we put the beer in the snow too, because, you know, we couldn't let that get warm either!  (I then took this opportunity to clean the freezer and refrigerator...can you say OCD?)  Flights were cancelled, roadways were impassable, and news of the epic storm made its way to TV stations across the pond.

Despite the mess the snow caused, our families braved the roads and came to our house for a birthday celebration yesterday.  For this, I cannot be more grateful.  I have been blessed with the most loving, kind and simply wonderful family one could ask for.  And for my birthday, several folks chipped in and bought me one of the new loves of my life (ranking right up there with God, my husband, and my cats) - a brand new Canon 5D Mk II!!!  Truly, I feel like one of the luckiest girls alive!

And this was the temp in our house.  (Meat thermometers do not lie.)

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  1. YAY!!! I am sooo bookmarked you and will following you...and hopefully see you in Vegas!!!!

  2. Laurie...Happy Birthday!!! Congrats on your 5DMIII and in perfect time for the workshop! See ya in a week!

  3. Happy birthday! How exciting about your new jealous!!! See you at the J* workshop.

  4. ahhhhh yeeeaaahhhh! that 5dm2 is gonna rock your world!!!


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