Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Friends in New Places

Prior to the J* workshop each attendee was able to reach out to the other attendees and check out their websites and blogs.  We were all so excited to see who else we would be learning alongside.  During the weeks and then days leading up to the workshop, strangers turned into friends and we couldn't wait to finally meet each other in person.  Kristy Dickerson and I met up at Laguna Beach the day before the workshop to enjoy the beautiful weather and for some headshot swaps.  The light was warm and welcoming, and we had so much fun getting to know each other.

The beautiful and talented Kristy...

Melissa Manzione landed in SoCal after a long flight from the east coast, drove to her hotel, changed clothes, and came out to meet us shortly before sunset.  And even after a long day of travel, she still managed to look effortlessly amazing!  One of our most exciting discoveries is that Melissa and I live in the same state.  It was so great meeting someone that I knew I could see and hang out with again once I returned home!

We didn't have much time for headshots, but I was able to come away with a couple photos of my beautiful new friend....

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  1. WOWZERS! Beautifully done Laurie!

    Can I hire you to take my pics?

  2. beautiful!!! i especially love that last pic of melissa! she looks so cali ;)

  3. Laurie these are great. I particarilly am not a fan of myself... I look so sweaty...okay I was sweaty :) Will have your up soon!

  4. wow these are great! lucky girls to have such wonderful photos

  5. Great job Laurie!!! We MUST meet for dinner sometime soon :)

  6. lol Anna - we're bonded for life from the workshop...I'd take your pic as a friend any time!

    Kristy, are you kidding me?! You look awesome as always! (But I'm scurrred to see my pics...I was a hot mess that day!)

    Melissa - we will definitely do dinner soon!!

  7. laurie!!! You did such a great job! Lovin' em! So happy I met you! You are as j* would say...fabulous!!!

  8. Such lovely photos! Reminds me of such a great time at the workshop. Kristy and Melissa are beautiful!


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