Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma Maggie!

Chris missed a phone call during church service this morning.  He called his sister back as we sat in his mom's office, where we were discussing our plans for the afternoon.  As he hung up the phone I asked what was going on, and he told us that the plans had changed.  Grandma Maggie was snowed in at the farm and wasn't going to be able to make it to Steve and Linda's for lunch.  And not just for lunch...for her SURPRISE 70th birthday party.  A flurry of phone calls ensued as Plan B (well, there really was no Plan B, but they made one up real fast) was put into place.  Steve told Maggie he would drive out her way and help dig her out.  Then we were all to show up around the same time, bringing the party to her.  Everyone re-worked their schedules and timing to fit the new plan.  Then the phone rang again.

"Grandma Maggie just looked outside and said the roads look clear enough for her to drive out to Steve's, so the original plan is back on.  But, she might get there earlier than planned, so try to show up earlier," Stacey told Chris.  We relayed the message to Mom as we waited for Dad to show up.  So we settled our plans, ran our errands, and each of us arrived at Steve and Linda's well ahead of Maggie, making sure to park around the corner so she wouldn't see any of our cars.

When Maggie walked in, her surprised face was greeted with streamers and a cacophany of voices shouting, "Happy Birthday!!!"  Her eyes lit up with a smile that stretched from ear to ear, and we could tell we had succeeded with our secret plans.  As we feasted on pork roast glazed with mango chutney and a complement of curried vegetables and rice pilaf, buzzes of converstaion filled the air.  Whenever we gather, moments are never silent and laughs are rarely few and far between.

Our combined gift to Maggie was a working day at the farm this Spring, where we would all gather to help her clean and organize the garage, weed her gardens and rebuild the beds, and do whatever other tasks she could think of that she needed help with.

Happy 70th Birthday to a loving, sweet, kind and classy lady...we love you Maggie!

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