Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jasmine Star Workshop: The Photoshoot

Not only is Jasmine an amazing business mentor, but she is, quite obviously, an amazing photographer as well.  She put together a photoshoot for the workshop and demonstrated how she finds the light and poses her clients.

Here is Jasmine explaining how she works her magic...

Jodi is an aspiring model, and if the photoshoot was any indication of her potential, I see great success in her future!

Jodi and Matt, you were an amazing couple to work with.  Your love for each other came through in every pose and every interaction.

Designer Joan Shum provide the glamorous wedding dress that Jodi was wearing.  That corset is stunning!

Vivian Tran of All Made Up Team did a sensational job with Jodi's hair and make-up.  What I wouldn't have given to have her for MY wedding!!

Can I just say again how awesome these two were?!

The Treasured Petal provided the fabulous florals for this shoot...

Jodi was breathtaking in her Noaki Jewelry.  Simply stunning.

Thank you to Photographer's Edit for providing lunch for the day!  Here we are fueling up before the photoshoot...

Thank you again, Jasmine, for all the wisdom that you shared, for being an open book, and for being such an inspiration!  Words can't express my gratitude!
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  1. These are really, really beautiful Laurie! Great job!!!!!!

  2. so lucky to get to attend! some day I swear to be there!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous photos! Congratulations!

  4. awww laurie!!! GORGEOUS!!! i love seeing your take on the day :)

    can't wait to shoot w/ you in dc in july!!!! :)

  5. So fab!! Laurie, I'm so honored to have had you come to The have an incredibly bright future!

  6. Beautiful, Laurie! (Found your blog from the post on J*'s fansite.)

    Curious, though: what were you shooting with here?

  7. Thank you all so much for the kind comments, I'm truly touched!!

    Jennifer, thank you for checking out my link from the J* fansite! I shot everything w/ a 70-200 f4, except the last shot, which was w/ a 50 1.4. Hope that helps!

  8. are these j* or Laurie Bracewell pics???....cause they are awesome!!! You rocked IT OUT!!! Good job Laurie! I am SO proud to call you peer and most importantly friend!!!

  9. So. Jealous!!! And your images from the shoot are are beautiful, by the way!

  10. Great stuff! Lucky you!!! That girl model has an amazing look!


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