Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Family photo tradition

This past Saturday my family (on my husband's side) had a wonderful photoshoot with my talented friend John Pennington.  We take family photos every year in the fall, always with a different photographer.  John and Grace were charming and wonderful to work with.  It was inspiring to watch him pose us as families and individuals, and to see him get really into his work (he even waded into the creek bed to get the shots he envisioned!). 

Below is a pic of John at work, and a couple of my photos from the day.

I have quite the talented family!  Here's my mother-in-law in action...

My hubby took this photo of me.  (He has a naturally good eye for photography, and if he wasn't my husband, I just might feel threatened!)  *okay, I still feel a little threatened*  ;)

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  1. That shot of you at the end is GORRRRRGEOUS!!! holy cow!


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