Sunday, November 8, 2009


Do you have a friend that lifts you up every time you're around them and every time you talk to them?  I'm so fortunate to say that I do. 

Earlier this afternoon I went to my friend Becca's house to furbaby-sit her precious kitty.  Being the sweet person that she is, she left a gift for me on the counter.  Excited by what could be inside, I flew through the tissue paper and opened each item, cherishing how thoughtful my dear friend is.  One item in particular warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes...a personalized business card holder.  The reason that gift is so special is because I don't even have business cards yet, but her belief in me is so strong and so real that she believes in her heart that I will need it some day.  As she wrote in her card, "The [card holder] is for your new business cards you will have to start carrying (because everyone will want one...!)".

I have been sharing my thoughts and dreams with Becca of starting a photography business (the excitement of success, my fears of failure), and as she has walked with me in this journey she has been an encouragement to my spirit.  She believes in me 100% and makes me believe in myself.  Her genuine love and compassion is such a blessing to me, and during this transition in my life... truly uplifting.
Thank you, Becca, for my sweet gifts and for the gift of your friendship - I Thank God For You!

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