Friday, November 6, 2009

Wedding: Brian and Jenn

Two weeks ago, on October 23rd, our friends Brian and Jenn were married in the Outer Banks during a beautiful ceremony on the beach.  The celebration was complete with close family and friends, but missing one very important person...Brian's mother, who passed away earlier this year from pancreatic cancer.  Though she was missed, she was not forgotten.  Each guest was given a yellow ribbon to wear in remembrance of her.  And this is a testimony to who Brian and Jenn are - compassionate, caring and thoughtful...always loving and never forgetting.

Brian waited patiently for his bride, violin playing softly over the sounds of the waves lapping up onto the shore.  Jenn appeared at the top of the stairs over the sand dunes, breathtaking in her lace gown, and her hair gathered in a feathery clip that fluttered with the slightest breeze.  As she joined Brian, you could see the love in his eyes for her.

Brian and Jenn, I am so happy for you both, and so thankful that we were able to share in this special day with you.  You are both beautiful people and wonderful friends.  We wish you nothing but happiness in your future together!

(I was not the official photographer, so I was only able to snap a few photos here and there.  Below are a few of my favorites.)

Chris and I decided to make a vacation out of the wedding week since we hadn't been able to take one all year due to busy schedules.  A couple days before the wedding we went to the sand dunes to watch the sun set with Brian and Jenn.  They graciously allowed me to use them as "test subjects" to practice posing shots (thank you both, you rock, btw!!), and the two below are my favorites from that night.

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  1. Wow...these are great! Photography is CALLING your name!


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