Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Old Town Alexandria Engagement Session: Julie + Paul

They met 4 years ago through a mutual friend.  Paul saw Julie standing there talking to her and thought she was cute, so he walked up to be introduced.  Their first few dates were hanging out with their friends - because they came to realize they had a lot of friends in common.  Little did Paul know that Julie wanted a real date - just the two of them.  But by then it didn't matter anyway; they already knew they wanted to be together.

Julie and Paul will be having a small, private marriage ceremony, but in keeping with their love of travelling they will be honeymooning in beautiful Ireland in May.  I told them, with my most charming smile, that I do travel documentary and portraits, but I don't think I'll be getting that invite to Ireland.  Ah well, maybe next time...  ;)

Aren't these two hoooottttt??!  And if you know my love for sportbikes, you know why I about died when I heard we were using Paul's new Triumph for the shoot!

It was seriously chilly during the session (in the 40s!), but Julie wanted some great photos in her super cute outfits, so she rallied through it for "high fashion!"

Julie and Paul - thank you for such a great session!  And Paul, if you need someone to babysit your Triumph while on your honeymoon...call me. Pin It


  1. STUNNING, laurie! and a hot couple to work with helps, right?! such a fun shoot!

  2. Awesome shots! Some of the locations look familiar too!


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