Saturday, March 10, 2012

Celebrating One Year

It's my 1 year anniversary.  A year ago today I said my final goodbyes to co-workers at my day job so that I could pursue my dreams of running my photography business full time.  I've thought about this post - what I would write and what I might say about all the reasons and circumstances that led me to this point.  But then this morning I read one of my bride's blog posts.  And, well, she pretty much sums up the reason that I do this:

"When I began searching for our wedding photographer, I used my trusty friend, WeddingWire.  As I clicked through profile after profile and read countless reviews I waited for that *spark*.  Photography is an important part of our wedding and I wanted someone with an artistic eye, to capture this special day.  When I came upon Laurie Bracewell Photography and clicked through to her website and blog, I immediately had a good feeling.  With fingers crossed I contacted her and found out she was available for our day! Within minutes of our first phone conversation she felt like an old friend and I knew she was definitely the photographer for us!  Laurie is an inspiration to me, as she is also a graphic designer, who left her 9-5 corporate job to pursue her true passion.  She is incredibly talented and  I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she’s a big name in wedding photography in a few short years.

After having so much fun with Laurie at our engagement session, I quickly received our final photos… and I cried. They were beautiful and truly captured the love Shaun and I share.  We are so excited Laurie Bracewell will be part of our wedding… not only as our amazing photographer, but also as our friend."

Thank you, Christine, for capturing the essence of why I do this.  I love my clients and cannot express enough the gratitude I feel for getting to do what I'm so passionate about; and getting to meet and become friends with some pretty amazing people along the way.
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