Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Does it happen to you too?  I find a new site online and I'm sucked in for days.  (And by days I mean weeks.  Well, okay, not really weeks but it kinda feels like it when you spend late nights and ENTIRE Sundays on them.)  One such site is Pinterest.  I had heard of it a while back, but really, I just didn't have time for the latest fad.  I'm too cool for school, right?  (<--- Just saying that phrase proves I'm not.)  For the longest time now, whenever I found something online that I wanted to come back to later, I would save a link to the page somewhere.  And this somewhere ended up being everywhere.  I would email links to myself, save them in a Google document, bookmark them - on different computers and different browsers - and, well, you get the idea.  If saving page links could be a hot mess, my system was in need of a Stacy London intervention.

Enter Pinterest.

This gem of a site lets you pin your websites all in a neat and pretty little package.  It's visually appealing, and I bet 100% Stacy-approved.  The greatest part is that I can see what others are pinning, and re-pin their pins.  Which also happens to be the worst part.  Because I found my next obsession.


This site is like having a free personal stylist!  I have found outfits that I love, put together by fashionistas, and the best (or worst if you see my credit card statement) part is that all the items on the style board link to websites where you can purchase them!  Oh. Be still. My heart.  I was up until 2 a.m. the other night, buying a pair of whiskey colored heels, a couple of shirts and some jewelry.  (I'm hoping this is one of those posts that my husband doesn't read.  Yes...can you believe he doesn't read everything I post?  Pssshhh.  This'll teach him!)  Kiddiiiinggg, sweetie, if you're reading this.  :)

I would bet Polyvore is also Stacy London-approved!  If you have any other obsessions you feel I should know about, I'm all ears... :) Pin It


  1. i see my name on the first pin :)

  2. You definitely have me checking those websites out! Wish I had an idea of another site for you though. :)

  3. darn you, laurie bracewell. darn you.

  4. I aim to please, Pamela. ;)


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