Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hollin Hall Wedding: Lori + Jeremy

It's not easy planning a wedding long distance - trips to find a venue, caterer, florist, photographer.  But Jeremy and Lori managed to make quick work of it all, with the same surgical precision incumbent to Jeremy's line of work as a doctor.  

Spending the morning with Lori getting ready had me as well as everyone else around her in smiles.  Her laughter and excitement were contagious, and her charm and sweetness so lovable.  It wasn't hard to see why Jeremy had fallen in love with someone as amazing as her.  

Jeremy so sweetly sent a bouquet of roses to Lori's room the morning of their wedding.

After her hair and makeup are done and her dress is on, Lori is struck by the enormity of the day, and takes a deep breath as she prepares to marry the love of her life...

One of my favorite moments...just after the ceremony when they have their first moment together as husband and wife...

I loved the green hydrangea and pops of deep purple calla lilies in Lori's bouquet.

Lori and Jeremy, thank you for allowing me to share your special day with you! 

Getting Ready: Hotel Monaco in Alexandria
Hair: Ethel and Ali Shafter from The Studio
Makeup: Tracey
Wedding Venue: Hollin Hall (Nina, thank you for being such a gem!)
Caterer: R&R Catering
Associate Photographer: Armin DeFiesta

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