Thursday, August 25, 2011

Towson Maryland Engagement Session: Jamie + Tim

He ate the brownies she had baked for another guy.  Tim and Jeff came over to Jamie's apartment on a winter's day in college, to visit and just hang out.  While Tim was smitten with Jamie the first time he met her at a party through their mutual friend Jeff, Jamie didn't return the sentiment.  And he wasn't winning any points when Jamie finally walked in to find he had eaten half the cookies she baked for someone else she was dating.  To make matters worse, he also ruined a pair of her winter gloves during a flat-out, face-first, hand-stopping slide in the snow later that evening.  

Tim tried asking Jamie out several times, but each time her answer was a solid "No."  Though she did say yes one evening to an invite for dinner.  Jeff was going to be there, so it wasn't really a date, and she was okay with just hanging out with friends.  Tim redeemed himself from the cookie incident by whipping up a delicious spaghetti dinner, and Jamie finally gave in and said yes to a real date.  

Because it's where they first met, we had Jamie and Tim's engagement session at Towson University.  While walking around, Tim commented on the Library he's not sure he ever set foot in, and Jamie noted it was a place she constantly visited...mostly drawn to the coffee shop inside!  The weather was amazing, and the light was beautiful that evening...

Jamie and Tim brought their precious bruiser, Stanley.  Isn't he a sweetie?

Of course, Stanley doesn't hold a torch to Jamie and Tim!  Just look at these two...

Jamie and Tim, I'm so excited for your Turf Valley wedding in April!  xoxo... Pin It

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  1. Theses are great Laurie! I love the last one with the tiger head--so awesome!


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