Tuesday, August 23, 2011

If It Ain't Broke...

...there's no need to check the rest of the house for damage.

By now news of the 5.8 magnitude earthquake (yes, EARTHQUAKE) that rumbled through the Eastern United States today has spread all over the world.  The epicenter was about 60 miles from my home in Northern VA.

I heard it before I felt it, and didn't quite know what it was at first.  A train?  A large 18-wheeler rolling up my cul-de-sac?  Then when I felt the house starting to shake I thought the construction crews were dynamiting some rocks out of the ground in the new section of our neighborhood.  When the shaking grew stronger, that thought turned to dynamiting gone wrong.  Because it couldn't be an earthquake...here in Virginia!

I immediately turned on the TV but the programming was still daytime soap operas and talk shows.  So naturally, I turned to Twitter.  The source of real-time news from friends tweeting and retweeting!  Really, who doesn't hear things on Twitter first these days?!  As word spread that the quake was felt as far as Toronto, I received phone calls from my husband and my sister, making sure everything was okay and sharing our disbelief.

I walked around the house looking for damage, and when I saw that all my crystal and fine china in the cabinet was in tact (and had barely moved!), I could rest assured nothing else in the house was broken. So here's to an exciting day, and a well-built home!

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  1. Glad you didn't have any damage! I was at work at a flower shop in Stafford and had to save a large flower arrangement from shaking itself off a table, then ran outside. Surprisingly, no vases came off the shelves. We didn't have any damage at home, just a few books fallen off some shelves. Unfortunately, our church that was built in the 1750s does have some cosmetic damage (we're hoping it's not structural).


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