Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene Couldn't Stop Me

It was about the only thing on the news for the past few days...Hurricane Irene, it's path up the East Coast, and the potential destruction it would cause.  Photographers all around the region were worried about safety - of the bride and groom and of course themselves.  Would they get stuck at the reception location?  What about the areas calling for mandatory evacuations?  Thankfully, the wedding I was shooting with my friend Melissa Manzione on Saturday was located inland, and even though the hurricane started moving in by morning, the worst of it wasn't expected until later that evening.  So, dedicated as we are, we made a commitment and there was no question that we would stick to it!

The bigger question became...what would I wear?!  I had just bought a new dress to shoot weddings and was hoping to wear it on Saturday, but if I were swept up in a flood and became the victim in a televised rescue, did I want to be cute or practical?  Dress or slacks?  I posed the question on Facebook, knowing I could rely on my friends for funny and witty replies - they didn't disappoint.  General consensus was that cute wins out over practical any day!

I wore my new dress and loved it!  If any ladies out there are looking for a dress that fits just right, is comfortable, and can sustain hurricane force winds, I'd recommend this one from Nordstrom...

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  1. I primarily wear dresses to shoot in and Saturday was no different despite the weather. I just paired it up with my new black goulashes from J Crew when I had to do outdoor shots and switched out to my regular shoes when inside. I actually hate having to wear pants to a wedding. I am also trying to get away from black and wear more neutrals like tan, beige, and gray so I don't feel so morbid and look more like a guest. Love your pick looks super comfortable yet I like how it can look flattering on a lot of women.


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