Friday, June 10, 2011

Georgetown Engagement Session: Nicole + Kelly

She looked at his profile online.  He saw that she had looked, thought she was cute, and messaged her.  For the next month and a half they corresponded over phone and email, Nicole living in Brooklyn and Kelly in Maryland.  They tried to meet up on more than one occasion, but the Snowmageddon of 2009 thwarted their efforts and turned plan A into plan B.

Finally, on New Year's Eve, Nicole was able to make the trip down to visit Kelly.  It was their first date, and Kelly had plans for a nice dinner and then a party to ring in the new year at his friend's house.  But because Nicole arrived in town late and still needed to get ready, that nice dinner turned into a quick Subway grub while seated at Kelly's friend's dining table, the party happening all around them.  And while they ate, Nicole was silently deciding whether or not Kelly deserved a kiss at midnight.  Even though this was not the wining and dining Kelly envisioned their first date to be, he felt that if Nicole was okay with a "Plan C" Subway dinner on their first date, then she might just be the one.

Well...Kelly got his kiss at midnight.  And not long after that...Nicole got her ring.

We had an amazing engagement session in Georgetown.  The heat and humidity was crazy, but the light was just gorgeous and these two completely rocked it out!


One thing I absolutely loved about Nicole is that I would start explaining what pose I wanted her in, and all of the sudden she would strike a pose that much better than what I had envisioned!  Nicole, I seriously want to bring you on EVERY engagement session from now on!

I think we picked the busiest bridge over the canal for this part of the shoot.  We only had a few seconds for each shot while people kept walking across from both directions!

Nicole and Kelly, I had SO much fun with you during your session, and I'm so excited for your wedding at the City Club in October!  Loves.....
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  1. Love the poses! And Nicole has such beautiful eyes. These are beautiful!

  2. Absolutely stunning and gorgeous! Your eyes and embraces say it all - love, love, LOVE & HAPPINESS!!!


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