Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Decatur House Wedding: Megan + Tim

I recently had the incredible privilege of shooting alongside Matt Mendelsohn, one of our area's top wedding photographers with an impressive background and photojournalism resume.  (And can I be a complete dork and tell you how giddy I am to see one of my images on the main post in his blog, with a few others making it into the mini gallery?!)  Later that week I went to his studio where we went through the images and Matt was an open book about how he works and what he looks to capture in each scene.  Matt, thank you for being so generous and kind, and thank you for having me along to shoot Megan and Tim's wedding with you!

I started with Tim and the guys at the Sofitel in DC.

Ceremony at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Georgetown...

Reception at Decatur House on Lafayette Square...

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