Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Marketing Photoshoot

Recently, Chris and I had fun being the talent for an M/I Homes marketing photoshoot.  I loved seeing a different side of the industry and watching other professionals at work.  The controlled environment was completely opposite of working with the weather, venue lighting, and location backdrops during weddings. 

Colin McGuire was an absolute sweetheart to work with.  Throughout our two shoots he was always calm, collected, genuine and fun.  He has an impeccable eye for detail, and after a few test photos he and the stylists would move plates, glasses, vases, and other props here and there, some by only a couple of inches or a 10 degree rotation.  Chris and I watched as Wayne Hayward adjusted one side of the refrigerator door by half a centimeter to make it flush with the other door.  Details, details, details.  This is what makes them so great at what they do.

Wayne is an amazing photographer in his own right.  He ran a studio in Johannesburg, South Africa for 20 years before moving to the DC area.  While he does his own commercial work, he was on hand to assist Colin for this shoot. 

Here is Chris, working from his phone as we wait for the kitchen scene to be set up.

Fresh flowers for the shoot:

Arranging items for the kitchen scene.  Chris said he would like to see this one enacted more often in our home.  Except, with real food.  There was real wine on the countertop, though, and I had no problem understanding how to use that prop! 

Chris in position for his role - complete with sports section and a glass of wine - while he watches me stir a wooden spoon in an empty wok.

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  1. I wish! That was the model home down the street. I still have white walls in my house b/c I never have time to decorate!

  2. Awesome opportunity! Is this piece being published anywhere?

  3. Hey Kia! Not sure how they'll use the scenes - either in marketing brochures, online, or as a rolling presentation on the TV screens in the sales office of model homes. Fun!


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