Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Old Town Alexandria Engagement Session: Amanda + Dave

He asked if she needed a date to her senior prom.  He had escorted her during her previous year as a junior (after she went in a roundabout way and had her aunt set them up together), and thought she might need a date again that following year.  While nothing really materialized after junior prom, enough sparks flew at her senior prom that they started dating full time after that night, now over 7 years ago.  Amanda says she knew he was the one from the very beginning.  I asked Dave when he knew, and he replied, "Two years ago when I asked her to marry me."

Bigger sparks flew the night they got engaged.  It was the 4th of July and they were with Amanda's family in Havre de Grace, waiting for the fireworks display to begin.  Amanda sensed it was going to happen at any moment.  She had been hugging on him that evening and (discreetly) felt his pockets for the ring box.  Not finding it, she realized it wouldn't be that night.  But after the National Anthem played out its tune, she turned around to find Dave on one knee.  Her mom was so surprised watching the moment unfold in front of her that she stood there in shock, camera in hand.  But didn't take any pictures.

While there are no photos of the actual moment Dave proposed, we did have plenty of time to walk around Old Town Alexandria and celebrate their engagement while capturing their love for each other.

Amanda and Dave, thank you for an AWESOME engagement session!  I'm so excited for your wedding that's just around the corner!!  xo Pin It

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