Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Woodlawn Manor Engagement Session: Erin + Daniel

Her friend left her alone with a stranger.  Erin had invited him over to hang out, and he brought Daniel with him.  But when he walked outside with her roommate to smoke, she and Daniel were left alone.  A little awkward at first, they started talking and really hit it off.  

But then Daniel left.  For 3 weeks.  He had taken a trip to Africa to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with his dad.  But the bond he and Erin formed was not easily forgotten.  Their first date after he returned was a double date with Erin's roommate, a shy guy who wanted to take a girl out but was too nervous to go on his own.  And during dinner, they talked all night long, like no one else was in the room.  And I'm not talking about Erin and Daniel!  I'm talking about Daniel and Erin's roommate's date.  Daniel and this other girl had so many things in common that they were off in their own little world for the evening.  Daniel didn't realize he was doing this, and to this day Erin claims she doesn't consider that to be their real first date.  

Even though that evening was not as Erin and her roommie had envisioned, Erin and Daniel continued to talk, and text, and get to know each other.  He even upgraded to unlimited texting, just for her.  

They were once two strangers, alone in a room.  They have become two people, completely in love.

Erin wanted her wedding at Woodlawn Manor, but since their date wasn't available, she did the next best thing...had their engagement session there!

Dimples!  I seriously love them, and Erin has the best one!!  So every time I was looking for that certain smile from her, all I had to say was, "Dimple!"

Erin used to ride and loves horses, so we were excited to have this fella come over and say hello...

I told them our session was done and we started heading back to our cars.  But when I saw this spot, I made them stop for another photo...I just couldn't resist!  I mean...look at these two!!

Erin and Daniel, I had sooo much fun during your engagement session, and I'm so excited for your wedding in June!  xoxo... Laurie Pin It

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