Monday, May 16, 2011

Hair Perms and Education: Celebrating Mom

Yesterday my family gathered in celebration of my mom’s birthday and a late Mother’s Day.  As the aroma of shrimp scampi filled the air, I reminisced about growing up with such an amazing woman.  From sewing my bunny costume in the 2nd grade for my role in the play Peter Rabbit Goes Rock and Roll, to bringing me homemade spring rolls (because she knows how much I love them!) today, my mom has always been giving, sacrificial, and loving.  Not to mention really into home perms.  

I remember her winding the tiny plastic rods into my hair in the middle of the kitchen and the smell of chemicals lingering in the house (and my hair!) for days.  Starting in elementary school, I don’t think I saw the natural state of my locks for 9 years.  She even honored my request for a “crimp” perm in middle school.  Yes, internet, I said CRIMP perm.  Oh, ‘80s, I love your music but I don’t love your style.  Can we say “I’m-closer-to-God-than-you bangs?!?”  (At least I can proudly say I never rocked the side ponytail.)

In addition to well-permed hair, my mother also stressed the importance of education.  Her parents died when she was young, and due to her circumstances she was never able to finish secondary school.  She wanted my sister and me to learn all the things she never could, and to have all the opportunities she never had.  She took on a job as a custodian in my middle school to help save enough money for our college funds.  While most kids that age might have been embarrassed by this, I felt proud knowing my mom would do anything to provide for me, and sought her out to say hi when I stayed late after school for activities.  Her commitment to my education and her sacrifices for our family have always inspired me to work hard and be thankful for the life she helped to provide for us.  

Mom, thank you for all that you’ve given and all that you are.  I love you!

This was my mother's original passport photo and her favorite picture of her (basically unheard of in the passport world!).  So I had it scanned and am going to retouch it for her...

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  1. Wow, your mom sounds amazing. And she's absolutely gorgeous. I can see why that passport photo is her favorite. :)

  2. I always knew you rocked for your very own reasons, but now I see exactly where it comes from. Beautifully penned post, Laurie! Keep 'em comin'!

  3. this is beautiful....i think it speaks volumes of you as well... that you sought her out in school...remember mom is just wow upside down...and she has done a great job :)


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