Friday, April 8, 2011

Fairfax City Engagement: Beejal + Ben

"Ben is on this floor!"  Just like a scene from a movie...viral instant messaging and whispers when the resident hot employee came around.  Beejal's office floor housed the only kitchen, which meant more opportunities for the women to gush over Ben when he stepped foot in.  Beejal would find an excuse to "run into" him - such as getting a drink from the vending machine - and they would have a quick chat.

Ben had noticed her from the beginning, thinking she was pretty cute, but neither of them made a move.  Opportunity arose about a year later, during football season.  Beejal had signed up for the office football pool, and she was getting together with co-workers one evening to make their picks.  She had invited Ben to join them at Auld Shebeen, an Irish pub in Fairfax City.  Ben was pretty excited, because not only was Beejal cute, but she liked sports too!  

They hit it off that night, and after a couple weeks of talking and emailing, they went on their first date.  They spent many date nights in Fairfax City, and it's also where Ben proposed.  So it was only fitting that we shoot their engagement session in a place with so many special memories.

We started at none other than Auld Shebeen (and now I'm dying to go back there for dinner one night!)...

There's something I just love about archways!

Hellooooo, handsome!

Beejal, you are gorgeous!

I just love you two, and I can't wait for your 11/11/11 wedding!!  xoxo....
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  1. Gosh, I just love this post! I want a redo--will you photograph my engagement pics??

  2. very nice guys! very nice! You're photographer is quite good. :)

  3. Jeremy, you are biased but I love it! ;)


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