Friday, April 15, 2011

2941 Restaurant Wedding: Karen + Raleigh

They have an easy way about them, moving quietly and gently, without stress or concern.  The morning I met them at their home, Raleigh greeted me at the door with a relaxed smile and told me Karen was upstairs getting ready.  As I reached the top of the stairs, I found Karen walking about, finalizing wedding details, with a sweet smile on her face.  And this is how the day would go.  Relaxed.  Gentle.  Sweet.  Both of them always smiling, genuine and heartfelt....

I absolutely love Karen's champagne-colored Kate Spade heels.  So classy, and so very Karen.

The Enchanted Florist always "wows" me with their incredible work!

2941 Restaurant was beautiful and elegant, and their floor to ceiling windows provided the most amaaaaazing filtered light.

This beautiful cherry blossom cake was created by the chef at 2941.  I just love the delicate flowers!

Karen, you are such a doll!

The David Bach Trio (through Bialek's Music) provided a wonderful ambiance throughout the afternoon.

Karen and Raleigh's son, Charles, joined them after the ceremony for lunch and play time with the other kids.

If you only knew how many "flying airplane rides" Raleigh had to give Charlie in order for this photo to happen!  (But we got it!!)

Karen gave a lunch blessing and said a word of thanks to all of their family and friends who were able to make it out for their wedding, especially those who traveled such long distances.  To her and Raleigh, the most important aspect of the day was celebrating with their loved ones.  Raleigh then spoke fondly of his family, and of his mother, and told them how much they meant to him and have helped shape who he's become.  And he sang Karen's praises, saying that not only is she giving in her role as a midwife, but she's also always giving to him and to others.  Could we all see how happy and loving and wonderful she had been throughout the day?  "She's always like this," Raleigh remarked.

Many, many thanks go to Kelley Cannon Events for keeping the day flowing smoothly.  Kelley, I absolutely love working with you - you are amazing at what you do!

Credit:  (hair) Julie Jackson with Hair by Jewels; (makeup) Marquia Kinard at Blend.

And thanks also to Erum Risvi for shooting with me that day!
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