Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm Cool to a 2-Year-Old

It was the first word I taught my niece a few months ago, and I said it over and over again because it always elicited a smile or a giggle.  And it was the only word I could get her to repeat.  And I wanted her to talk to me, you know, like a one-and-a-half year old should.  "Coo'!  Cool.  Coooool...."

As my family spent time together on Easter Sunday, Claire had fun naming everything she knew.  At the dinner table she kept asking for more "keem," which, in her world, meant "sour cream," to go on her twice baked potatoes of course (or in her case, to eat by itself).  She said "cool" a couple of times, and I was very proud to have been the one to teach her the word (because "dog" and "book" are so overrated).  It took us a few seconds before we realized she was looking at ME, and, in fact, was calling me "Cool," as in my name.  And it took a couple more seconds to burst into laughter, followed by a giggling Claire.  So whenever she wanted something from me for the rest of the evening, she addressed me as "Cool," and when she plays on her Elmo phone at home she says, "Bye, Cool."  I told Chris that when my sister's next baby is born, I'm going to teach her the word "Awesome."

So today I want to wish the cutest niece in the world a very Happy 2nd Birthday, from "Uncle Kis and Aunt Cool!" 

What's this?!  Where's the chocolate BUNNY?!?

Right after doggy kisses...

(P.S. - To my horror, I found out last night that my sister is taking Claire to JC Penny(!!!) today for her 2nd year portraits!?!  I almost passed out on the phone.  I asked why on earth she would do that when she has a photographer in the family, and she said because she knew I was busy.  Aaaaand, worst aunt of the month award goes to me!) Pin It


  1. Your niece is incredibly adorable! So cute Cool! I thought Cool was your middle name - but now that I know it's your first....! Love the Easter pics. Such a gorgeous little girl (and doggie by the way) in amazing light. Love the one getting her hair pigtailed!

  2. Its hard to pick a favorite because they are all so good since she is ADORABLE! The next to last is priceless - such a beautiful moment of her smiling.


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