Thursday, July 5, 2012

Governor Calvert House Wedding: Erin + Daniel

I'd like to think he climbed a mountain for her.  Mt. Kilimanjaro, to be exact.  Shortly after Daniel and Erin met, Daniel went on a planned trip with his father to climb Africa's highest peak.  But for Daniel, the trip was fraught with trepidation.  And not for climbing the mountain itself, but because he was leaving behind this amazing girl and was worried about losing her to someone else while he was away.  At least, this was the story one of the bridesmaids told while Erin was getting ready at Governor Calvert House the morning of their wedding.  Turns out Daniel had nothing to worry about.  He got the girl, and on this day they were committing their lives to each other, to climb life's mountains together.

Erin and Daniel, I hope you're enjoying  your honeymoon in Hawaii!!  xo...

2nd photographer: Peter Bang
Venue: Governor Calvert House
Florist: Wood's Flowers
Hair Stylist: Up Do's for I Do's
Cake: Cakes and Confections

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  1. At least I made it into one of the photos :), grats Daniel and Erin!

  2. Great pictures. Are there anymore pics from the wedding?


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