Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year 2012

"If your house was on fire and you only had 60 seconds, what would you grab?"  Declan poses this question to Anna in the movie Leap Year (one of my favorite chick flicks!).  She thinks about it but doesn't have an answer.  But Declan knows exactly what he would take, and it's something sentimental and a part of his family history.  (I won't spoil it, in case you haven't seen the movie.)

So I thought about it, and wondered what, exactly, I would try to save if my house was going up in flames.  Clearly, we will assume that my husband and two cats have made it to safety, because Chris would react all Adam Sandler-like when he rescues seven cats from a house fire in Mr. Deeds.  So would it be my computer? My hard drives? My laptop?  No, because I have a cloud backup solution and all that data is safe.

Photos.  I would save photos.  From back in the days when we all shot on FILM...remember that folks??  I have boxes of prints, negatives, and of course our wedding album.  And that...that is irreplaceable.  I value the memories of family, friends, celebrations, and places traveled throughout the years of my life.  A single photo can instantly take us back to a place and time and allow us to relive those moments.  A history of my life can be passed down to my children and my children's children.  History and memories - other than what we retain in our own minds, photos are the only tangible items we have to remember these things and pass down through the generations.  (And let's face it, when I get older it will be nice to prove to my grandkids that I was once young and non-wrinkly.)

So what would YOU grab if your house was on fire, and you only had 60 seconds?

PS - If you haven't seen this movie, you must!!  (Even if only for the fact that Matthew Goode and his accent are HOT.)

PPS - Tradition says Leap Year is the one day in which it's acceptable for a woman to propose to a man.  Anyone following this tradition today? Pin It

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  1. I totally forgot about this tradition until I saw a lady holding a "Will You Marry Me" sign at the airport last night. So many missed opportunities all day yesterday :)


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