Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hangin' with Jacklyn Greenberg of JAG Studios

She has a style all her own.  She stands out instead of trying to fit in.  She's fun, funny, sweet, cool...and she just plain rocks!  Jacklyn Greenberg of JAG Studios is an award-winning photographer who inspires with her vision and creativity, and I had the incredible pleasure of hanging out with her yesterday, along with two other wonderful and talented friends - Kristi Odom and Lisa Boggs.  We spent the afternoon at Barrel Oak Winery (one of my faves), wine tasting, relaxing, and basking in the golden sunset.

Believe it or not, the finger puppet fun started before any wine tasting began. ;)

Don't ask me why Lisa is holding her flip flop....

These beautiful horses were grazing lazily in the field next to the winery, and this fella came over to say hello.

And then jaws dropped as he sauntered over to Jacklyn and gave her a kiss!  In the midst of awed silence, the only sound was camera shutters clicking away...

Thanks, ladies, for a fun and relaxing evening...loved spending time with you all!! Pin It


  1. also, that lens is AMAZEBALLS. so is the photographer though (i.e., you). *grin*

  2. I know, I love it! But after seeing some of her pics on her camera, now Jacklyn has me wanting the 35 too!!

  3. totally. i'm not a canon shooter, but that lens was the bomb. MUST HAVE IT. and so the story goes, my year of purchasing "no equipment" has been foiled...

  4. oooo love. looks like such a fun day!


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