Saturday, February 5, 2011

Barns at Wolf Trap Wedding: Megan + Mike

Operation Indecent Proposal was carried out with military precision. Megan flew in to visit Mike at the Naval Justice School in Rhode Island. He told her they were to have lunch with the General, and all day long his friends mentioned the occasion in passing. But she had no idea they were Mike’s accomplices; there was no lunch with the General.

Megan dressed up and they hit the road in the afternoon. Mike kept checking the time because he was worried that traffic would put them behind schedule. His friends were already busy at the 40 Steps of Newport’s Cliff Walk, preparing for them to arrive. They cleared the touristy steps of people, even shooing away old ladies enjoying their leisurely afternoon.

Mike told Megan they were waiting for his friends, and led her down the steps to take in the ocean view. But rather than feeling romantic, Megan was cranky. She had skipped dinner the night before because she was busy packing, and that morning they didn’t have time for breakfast. Now late afternoon and nearly 24 hours since her last meal, she was famished, and not in the mood to wait much longer. But her frown was washed away as they reached the bottom of the 40 Steps and she turned to see a Carl Sandburg poem penned across the steps’ faces. At that moment she realized what was happening, and her face lit up in understanding. As Mike proposed, his friends rose from their hiding places amongst the cliffs and cheered them on. Even the old ladies had stayed to watch, clapping and smiling at the sight of young love.

Megan and Mike, I can’t begin to tell you how much I adore you both. I love the way you make each other laugh and smile, and I loved seeing the love shared with all of your family and friends. Thank you for the honor of allowing me to capture your special day - I can’t stop gushing about how wonderful you both are!

Special thanks also goes to Leah Hewitt for 2nd shooting with me that day.  Leah, it's such a pleasure to work with you!

Megan, you have the most sincere, beautiful smile!

Megan lost her dad to cancer 6 years ago, but he was still with her as she walked down the aisle.

Megan, I have never seen anyone handle 25-degree weather with as much poise and grace as you!

Karen Berl of RSVP Events did a wonderful job of keeping the day flowing smoothly, and she also created the beautiful decor:

Mike fell in love with the band Drivetrain when he was in law school, and he absolutely HAD to have them for their wedding day.  The Barns at Wolf Trap turned out to be the perfect venue to accommodate them.

To see more of Megan and Mike's wedding photos, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!
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  1. These are beautiful Laurie! What a fabulous winter wedding! Bravo.

  2. What a beautiful winter wedding :) Absolutely lovely lighting! Awesome job Laurie!

  3. beautiful! Any idea which church they used?


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