Friday, October 22, 2010

When You're Too Busy to Eat...

She asked if I had lost weight.  "No....?" was my reply.  Only, it came out more like a question than an answer.  "You've lost weight," she said, "...I can tell."  She asked when was the last time I had weighed myself.  Well, I don't do scales, so I couldn't even remember.  She asked if I had been eating.  "Well, when I remember, and when I have time."  And then I got scolded.  By her and by my 2 other girlfriends on our first girls' night in a long time.  "I'm BUSY!" was the best response I could come up with.  But I knew they were right.

I have unhealthy eating habits when I'm busy.  By the time 2pm rolls around, I realize how late it is and that I totally skipped lunch.  Nevermind only having 1 cup of coffee for breakfast.  I'm always trying to plough through the work in front of me and just don't feel like there's enough time to stop and make something to eat.  While I work for another half hour, trying to think of something quick to make, I finally decide I might as well wait until dinner, you know, b/c it's just around the corner.  But mostly, dinner turns into chips and dip, or chocolate, and occasionally pizza or chinese food.

To appease my friend, I weighed myself the next morning, and she was right.  So I told her, on Facebook, and she commented how that number was after I ate the patty melt w/ fries and a dessert at IHOP the night before, at 9pm.  My other girlfriend commented, "Maybe we should all call you at lunch time every day and hold you hostage till we hear you chewing?"  And the next few days I got....

So today, I just want them to know that my wonderful husband went grocery shopping, and now I have lots of quick foods to choose from at lunch time.  Namely...triscuits, pepperoni, cheese, malted milk balls, pop tarts, zebra cakes, ramen noodles, milano cookies, and corn dogs!  So, there!

Okay, after reading that I realize how ridiculous it sounds.  I'd love to hear what everyone else eats when they're too busy to eat (I need some new ideas).... Pin It


  1. Oh how I wish I had that problem. :) But go to Trader Joe's and get some good stuff to eat. All that stuff is good, but not that good for you. They have great frozen stuff that doesn't taste frozen and is quick, quick, quick.

  2. Oh man, this is SO my life. I have friends who do the exact same thing.

    Veggie/Apple Straws from Costco are great.

    I've gotten to where I can make scrambled egg whites/toast in under 4 minutes including cleaning the skillet. Good protein/fiber!

    I make a huge thing of short grain brown rice twice a week, it's a quick fix and then you can just heat it up with black beans and a bit of cheese and salsa for a quick meal.

    Costco has this basil/pesto tilapia that is ridiculously fast to make and SO good for dinners.

    Cottage cheese/green apple/english muffin is a great breakfast.

    Protein bars with peanut butter.

    Cottage cheese/spahgetti sauce topped with a pinch of mozzerella, microwaved for 1 minute in a small bowl or ramekin. It sounds crazy but is delicious (esp. if you crave italian food!)

    When all else fails, whey protein shakes will get you through and keep your calorie count up. As Jillian Michaels says "whey protein IS real food. In fact, its the most bio available easily digested protein."

    Ohh man I have so many other ways I've found to remember to eat, and eat *well!* :-) I'm thinking I'll have to make a blog post about it in the near future....*adds to to-do list*

  3. I love Luna white chocolate macadamia nut bars with a glass of milk. So yummy and gets some vitamins and iron in.

  4. Ahhhhhahaha! Those pesky BFFs.
    Glad you blurred everything else.;)
    Our next plan was to hook ya up to an IV....


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