Friday, March 5, 2010

Living, Loving and Growing!

This time last year I was doing the same thing I had been doing the past several years.  The same types of graphics, the same type of work, the same types of projects.  I wasn't growing.  I felt stagnant, stale.  Like a bland piece of bread left on the countertop, I was becoming hard and brittle inside.  I was unhappy with what I was doing but reconciled to stay there because of "job security."

But these past couple of months, as my photography business has grown, a transformation has taken place.  That stale piece of bread has been sprinkled with herbs and spices, then baked into golden, seasoned croutons.  Those little, broken pieces of me have purpose again.  I am loving what I'm doing and the growth that's taken place in just these past couple of months.  I am rediscovering what makes me tick, and I finally feel like I'm living my life the way God intended me to.

I'm headed to the airport in just 8 hours for a flight to Las Vegas, where I'll be attending WPPI with amazing and talented photographers from around the world.  I'm excited to meet some of our industry leaders, learn more about growing my business, and make new friends.  Here is a basic breakdown of the main places I'll be during the next several days:

6p - 9p:  Becker's dinner GTG
9p:  Hanging w/ some friends unexpectedly also in town!

12p - 2p:  Joe Photo platform
2:30p - 4:30p:  Doug Gordon platform
6p - 7:30p:  Canon Keynote Address
7:30p - 9p:  Welcome Reception
9:30p:  Airhorns & Lasers party

8a - 10a:  Jerry Ghionis platform
10a:  Tradeshow floor
3p:  Becker avatar shoot
4p - 5:30p:  FastTrack shootout
6:30p - 8:30p:  Kevin Kubota platform
8p - 10p:  WPPI pool party

8a - 10a:  John Michael Cooper platform
10a:  Tradeshow floor
3:30p - 5:30p:  Craig Heidemann platform
6p - 8p:  FastTrack Afterparty
10p:  Annual [b] party
Latenight:  SmugMug Pro party

10a:  Tradeshow floor
2p - 4:30p:  EmmaJane shootout
7p:  Awards night

It'll be jam packed, but I can always sleep on the plane during my flight home, right?  I can't wait...I'm so excited for my first WPPI!! Pin It


  1. I love bread sprinkled with herbs & spices, baked into golden seasoned croutons...yum :)I am so glad you are doing what you love, and you are doing so well with it!

    Hope you are having the time of your life! Wish I were there, but hopefully I can live vicariously through your future blogposts :)

  2. OK, Miss Thang. Did you stick to schedule? On Wednesday I was dead tired and ready to go!
    And I know exactly how you feel about growing. I feel like that RIGHT now. Like I can see myself growing, RIGHT NOW. Hope to see you again next year!


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